NTF News

The shape of things to come

13 Jul 2017

David Lowe, musician, disc jockey, journalist, actor and writer speaks creatively and candidly about his life with ET emphasising how important it is not to give up and, to always look for ways to meet the challenges.

NTF launches a new online forum

12 Jul 2017

The NTF has launched a new forum, for people of all ages affected by tremor.

London and South East Support Group to hold river boat trip

11 Jul 2017

On Saturday 29th July 2017, the London and South East Support Group will hold a river boat trip from London Westminster to Greenwich.

A surgeon's story - dealing with tremor

6 Jul 2017

Ashwinikumar Pawade, retired surgeon talks about his experience with tremor, the impact that it has had on his career and the journey that has led to something entirely different.

Discounted voice recognition software for NTF members

30 Jun 2017

NTF members have been offered Dragon voice recognition software

My Journey with essential tremor

22 Jun 2017

70-year old Jackie shares her story about living with tremor as a dance teacher.

Ed's Story: Part Two

15 Jun 2017

We catch-up with Ed now 24-years old, where he shares his experience with tremor, going to university and work.

NTF secures place on Virgin 2018 London Marathon

11 Jun 2017

Good news! We're pleased to announce that National Tremor Foundation have secured one place in Virgin 2018 London Marathon charity ballot.

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