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Welcome to the website of the National Tremor Foundation.

The NTF represents over 1 million people in the UK with Tremor

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National Tremor Foundation

The National Tremor Foundation (or NTF as we are known) is an organisation where we aim to provide help, support and advice to all those living with all forms of tremor irrespective of age.

The NTF was first brought to the UK from the USA in 1992 and in 1994 became a registered charity in its own right (charity number: 1042013).

Each year the NTF holds an annual conference, subsidised by the NTF providing members and friends with the opportunity of not only meeting and spending some time together but also asking a panel of experts’ questions that help with improving quality of life.

The NTF has developed close links with other UK voluntary organisations including the Parkinson’s Disease Society and the Neurological Alliance and also with international organisations including the European Parkinson’s Disease Association (EPDA) and the International Tremor Foundation. 

Misguided beliefs and a lack of awareness mean that many people with this condition never seek medical care though most would benefit from treatment. The NTF dedicates this site to the thousands of people in the UK whose lives are affected by tremor.

Charity calls for greater recognition of 'essential tremor' as a disability

13 Aug 2015

A charity for people who have uncontrollable shaking is calling for the condition to be given greater recognition as a disability.

BBC News

GyroGlove inventor: the inspiration behind our tremor-reducing glove

23 Jul 2015

In this exclusive interview the creator of a tremor-reducing glove talks about the innovative invention that has the potential to transform millions of lives

Parkinson's Life - EPDA's online magazine

Comparative effectiveness of propranolol and botulinum for the treatment of essential voice tremor

21 Jul 2015

Study patients were recruited at the Emory Voice Center from patients to assess the comparative effectiveness of botulinum toxin and propranolol in patients with essential vocal tremor (EVT). In some patients with EVT, propranolol led to significant vocal improvement with no major side effects. Although botulinum toxin remains the gold-standard therapy for patients with EVT, propranolol represents a possible alternative or adjuvant therapy for certain patients

The Laryngoscope

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