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Essential Tremor Awareness Day success

18 Mar 2018

The National Tremor Foundation March Awareness Day held on the 17th March was the biggest yet.

Raising awareness of essential tremor

13 Mar 2018

The NTF are hosting their Essential Tremor Open Day on March 17th in Oxford, as part March Essential Tremor Awareness Month.

Six ways you can get involved in Essential Tremor Awareness month 2018

1 Mar 2018

March is Essential Tremor Awareness month month and the NTF wants to make this year’s bigger than ever!

Keeping warm with tremor

With temperature dropping into the minuses, people with essential tremor often find that their tremor worsens. In addition there are lots of seasonal viruses such as cold and flu. 

Support group success!

20 Feb 2018

On 17th and 18th February, the Salisbury Shakers and London and SE support group both held tremor events.

Chloe, blogging and tremor

2 Feb 2018

21 year old Chloe shares her experience living with tremor.

Kate's story

28 Jan 2018

Read all about eight year old Kate and her experience with tremor.

Alan and the London Marathon

8 Jan 2018

Alan shares his story about living with tremor and his plans to run the London Marathon.

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